5 Membership Benefits Ideas for Your Association

Membership Benefits Ideas for Your Association

When you open a club or an association, you must think about how you will be managing the members and what are the elements in you association that will keep them happy. You need to provide enough opportunities and benefits to your members so that they renew their membership every year. Here are a few ideas that you can use in the association to keep your members satisfied and always wanting more.

Member-only communication

Create new ways to improve the communication between the members of your association. When the members enjoy communicating and connecting, they will more likely stay longer in the group to meet with their fellow members. This idea will allow the members to grow their network and develop together as professionals. You can use a special communication application to create a group exclusive for the members.

Career opportunity


Career opportunities

If your association is more skill-based, you should start developing a network that can provide career-opportunities to the members. You can use a career development tool in your association, which will create a variety of opportunities for the members and give them enough options to keep coming back. You can provide a resume service to your members which will help them to work on their resumes better. You can also conduct resume workshops where people can share ideas to build great resumes for their members.

Affinity programs

An affinity program is when your association connect with different businesses or associations to allow mutual benefits. Affinity programs can help your association with several discounts and new opportunities to team up with different businesses. When your members are able to enjoy these additional perks, it will improve their overall experience with the association.


Useful webinars

Having live seminars and events is common among different associations. Having webinars will allow your members to spend extra time discussing and communicating with each other. It is especially beneficial for those members who live far away and may not attend all the live events. You can pick a relevant topic for each webinar and engage the members in a learning environment. If your distant members feel that they are benefitting from their webinars, they will feel your service is more valuable.

Engaging content

Keep releasing content for your members frequently. If you are not providing them with constant updates, they will start forgetting about your programs and will find some other interests. They may feel that the subscription is not worth the amount they are paying as they do not get enough content. Create engaging content more often and realise it in different forums and platforms. Newsletters, blogs, webinars, free guides, and ebooks are some ways you can keep your members entertained while being a part of your association.


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