What is Americal Culture, its Beliefs, and Values

Americal Culture

America was formed with freedom and opportunities. The freedom allows citizens to be diverse and be able to experience different cultures, values, and beliefs. American culture consists of every culture in the world, and the views vary in freedom, religion, and values. Some of the American values promote equality, liberty, and self-government.

Culture is the behaviours and beliefs of a particular social, ethnic, age group. Wherever you go around America or across the world, you will experience different cultures and lifestyle of people. When the immigrants come into the US, they bring their cultures with them. All of the cultures thus combine to create what we know as the American culture. It is said that nearly every region of the world has influenced American culture. Language is a big part of the culture, and in America, there is no official language. Almost every language from around the world is spoken in the states.

America allows the freedom of religion which allows people to believe in what they choose without any questions. Around 71% of the Americans identify themselves as Christians, while only 23% have no religious affiliation at all. The rest 6% of the population consists of non-christian religions. Belief is what we understand or think to be true without the need for evidence. People in America enjoy different religions and their values.



Values are the principles on which people believe in and implement them in their lives. Values are taught to use at an early age, and as we grow, we learn or come across different values and lessons. Our parents teach us the most values and the right and wrong in society. Some of the common values taught to every individual in America include privacy, individualism, equality, liberty, time, and self-government. The children are trained at a very early age in their lives to consider themselves important individuals who are responsible for their own actions. They are taught that they control their situations and destinies. Another thing that America highly values is time.

In the US, everyone practices respecting other cultures and people’s difference wherever they are. When people communicate and express their ideas, they keep another person’s freedom at the top. Some of the important values in American culture include:

Personal control over the environment

People can/should control their actions, nature, and surroundings. The future and destiny is not left to fate, so people need to be energetic and goal-oriented.



Change is seen as good and positive and means progress, improvements and growth.

Time and its importance

Time is a valuable part of the American lifestyle. The goals, productivity, and progress in American society depends majorly on time.


People get equal opportunities and are equally important, irrespective of who they are and where they come from.

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